Kalam Mian Muhammad Bakhsh RA

Kalam Mian Muhammad Bakhsh RA

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Hazrat Mian Muhammad Bakhsh RA linage goes back to Hazrat Umer Bin Khattab R.A, the second caliph of our beloved holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W. His father, Hazrat Mian Shams ud Din Wali Qadri was the Sajjada Nasheen of Hazrat Pir Peera Shah Ghazi Qalander who was commonly known as Pir Damrri Wala.
Hazrat Mian Shams ud Din Wali Qadri has three sons; first one was Hazrat Mian Bahawal Bakhsh R.A, second one was Hazrat Mian Muhammad Sahib Abdaal and third one was Hazrat Mian Muhammad Bakhsh R.A. Hazrat Mian Muhammad bakhsh Didn't marry to anyone all of his life.
One night when he made an istikhara, Hazrat Ghazi Qalander Pir Damrri Wala Sarkar appeared in his dream and hold his arm and narrated to him:
"O Son, You are mine spiritual disciple (mureed) and I am your Spiritual Guide (Pir).
Hazrat Pir Saeen Ghulam Muhammad in Silsila Qadariyah is my spiritual son (Rohani Baita) at Kalrorri Shareef, perform bayt on his hand."
So he performed bayt in Silsila Qadriya and his linage goes back to Hazrat Ghaus ul Azam abdul Qadir Jeelani R.A.
Urs of Hazrat Mian Muhammad Bakhsh is annually held on 7th of Zul Hajj at his Mazar Shareef at Kharri Shareef Kashmir. He has written his Punjabi Kalam which is well known as Saif ul Malook....
This app includes his life events and all of his Punjabi Aarifana Kalam including the most famous Saif ul Malook. You can also share this spiritual poetry on social media like facebook, whatsapp etc....
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