LiveSYNC Presentation Solution

LiveSYNC Presentation Solution

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ميديا وفيديو | 25.5MB | تحديث: 2019-07-08 | الإصدار: 1.0.2 | نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android5.0 or later

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Hot applications make large number of downloads. 20,000+ users downloaded LiveSYNC Presentation Solution latest version on 9Apps for free every week! It works great even on 2G. This hot app was released on 2017-04-12. Be sure that you check your current app before you start a run.
We all love 360 VR videos for their capability of magically teleporting us to another place, another time. However, presenting your own content can be tricky:
- Teaching new users how to navigate in VR
- Ensuring they watch the right content
- Interacting with them while not seeing what they see
- Getting their attention and pointing out important details
- Guiding a group of users simultaneously
LiveSYNC Presentation Solution takes away all of these troubles and puts you on the director's seat. You use a single iPad for controlling a group of smartphones, tablets and VR headsets: this master device acts as the director of the show while the other devices run in audience mode and replicate your commands instantly. A two-way link allows you to observe every client device individually and simultaneously in a gorgeous video mosaic.
LiveSYNC is really easy to use: in the setup wizard you decide whether a device acts as the director or belongs to the audience, give a distinctive name for the device so that you can identify them, and reserve a communication channel for your presentation. After copying your media files in place you are ready to go.
In the audience mode, the users will join your channel and wait in a lobby room until it is time to begin the presentation. They don't need to do anything - not a single button press, as everything can be controlled from the master device.
In the director mode, you will instantly see when a client device joins your channel. During your presentation you can change content at any time simply by dragging your 360 photos and videos from the media library to the presentation view. The client devices report to master when they have prepared the video and the whole group begins to watch it in sync.
You can pause the video at any time, let users observe their surroundings, and guide their attention to important details by adding hotspots from your own or the factory set, simply by dropping them on the presentation view. Rearrange the hotspots by dragging and add textual labels. Everything you do will be replicated to the whole group, instantly!
LiveSYNC operates wirelessly using Bluetooth, hence there is no need for any infrastructure or costly network connection - you can have a presentation even in the middle of the desert if you like. The number of simultaneously controllable clients is limited by your subscription plan or device capabilities - current maximum is 8 clients for one master device (support for larger audiences is in the works).
If you do have a large audience, divide them to groups and use multiple iPads for controlling each group - or, hook up your iPad to a projector or TV via HDMI cable (or wirelessly via AppleTV) and share your own screen or the view from one of the client devices; the iPad acts as a relay.
Once installed, the application works in Player mode (FREE) where all the features are active but watermarks are displayed on your own content. The watermarks can be removed by purchasing a director mode subscription via in-app payment. Notice that you need only one subscription for the master device, it will command its client devices to hide the watermarks.
Three plans for the director mode are available. They only differ by the amount of simultaneously controllable devices:
- Duo: 1 GearVR + 1 other device, 199 eur/year
- Quad: 2 GearVRs + 2 other devices, 399 eur/year
- Team: up to 8 devices (depends on iPad model), 799 eur/year
Each subscription is 12 months long and renews automatically until canceled. During subscription period it is possible to upgrade the plan (existing plan will be compensated automatically).
Currently, the audience mode is available for iOS, Android and GearVR, and the director mode for iOS only. We recommend using a modern iPad for controlling the presentation.
Visit for details.
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Production Release 1.0.
- Audience mode only, please use an iPad for controlling the show in Director mode!
- Setup a new channel configuration and join a channel
- Wait for the presentation to begin in a lounge room
- Play 360 videos, photos, and hotspots as commanded by the iPad master device
- Enter and exit VR mode by long tapping
- Support for own videos and photos (copy them to /Movies/LiveSYNC)
- Watermark shown for own content until a subscription is purchased via the iPad master

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