MedChem Structures Genius

MedChem Structures Genius

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MedChem Structures Genius is an interactive virtual flashcard application that allows students to test their skills for the recognition of drug structures and mode of action.
The idea behind the app is that the chemical structure can be used as a visual and semantical mark to understand binding, mode of action, side effects, bioavailability …
This app is dedicated to both students and professionnals in medicinal chemistry and pharmacology. It allows to browse and search for each pharmacological class and drug.
Dynamic quizzes allow self evaluation from structure to inn or reverse.
Only small molecules and peptides and biochemical molecules are listed (no biologics, vaccines, …). The drug classification has been adapted from the ATC WHO classification.
A continuously growing database, currently featuring hundreds of syntheses of natural products and pharmaceuticals, is now available for browsing and testing your organic chemistry skills. You can choose to start your browsing by selecting from various lists or using the search box.
Features: MedCHem Structures is in FR and EN
BROWSE : You can browse drug structures sorted by pharmacological class. You can select entries as favorites to quickly retrieve information. One class of drug or one drug can be linked to one or several therapeutic areas.
SEARCH: You can search entries by the INN (International Nonproprietary Name), the pharmacological class.
PLAY: Quizz work only with a minimum of 20 molecules of the same level in the therapeutic area. You can play to learn and evaluate yourself. Parameters you can choose are :
Therapeutic area : See above or select “All” if you want to play across therapeutic areas.
Level : Essentials for easy to recognize or key molecules in the class; Intermediate for more complicated structures or other molecules in the class; Master/Indifferent for any level.
Type of quiz : 4 types of quiz are available.
You can choose to record the time needed for you to complete the quizz by selecting chrono.
You can choose to display clues during the quizz by selecting clues. The clues are images highlighting key structural features.
Disclaimer : MedChem Structures Genius shouldn’t be used for prescription. Indications for drug use are « general indications » and do not replace the approved indications as stated by the agencies. The data presented here does not necessarily reflect those of the company mentioned. Drugs listed may no longer be commercialized but where incorporated as key compounds for a given pharmacological class.
About the authors: This app was conceived by Prof Rebecca Deprez-Poulain with the help of Dr Charton, Dr Hoguet, Dr Deprez and many PhD and Master students at the School of Pharmacy of Lille with the financial support of the University of Lille Law & Health, France.
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