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إنتاجية | 3.3MB | تحديث: 2017-08-30 | الإصدار: 3.0 | نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android5.0 or later

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Enjoy the most popular apps here! 10,000+ users downloaded ShutsApp latest version on 9Apps for free every week! More features are involved in this new version. This hot app was released on 2017-08-30. I will tell you how to use this app in the following page. यहाँ सैकड़ों नई एप्स हर हफ्ते रिलीज़ होती हैं. 10,000+ युसर्ज़ ने हर हफ्ते मुफ्त में 9apps पर ShutsApp नया वर्ज़न डाउनलोड किया.मेरी माने तो आप इस ऐप को पसंद करेंगे इस्तेमाल करने के बाद. यह हॉट मोबाइल ऐप्स 2017-08-30 पर जारी किया गया था. सिर्फ डाउनलोड करें और इस्तेमाल करें अपने एंड्राइड फ़ोन में!
WhatsApp is a great app indeed, but many complain that they use it a bit too much & have lost self control. ShutsApp lets you regain the control. With ShutsApp, you can make most out of WhatsApp, without loosing your driving seat.
ShutsApp lets you create your own weekly schedule, by setting when you could (green) or could not ( red) access WhatApp. You do this once, with our easy intuitive interface and then ShutsApp takes over.
ShutsApp does not come in your way when you are in green zone; but jumps right in as soon as you are in red. In case of urgency, you can hit Snooze to override your schedule and access your WhatsApp temporarily while still in red zone.
If you like ShutsApp, please rate us on the Play Store. If you have any queries, complains or suggestions, we would be happy to hear from you at
We promise we will continue to make ShutsApp better and more awesome. Please click sponsor advertisements to help us do so.
Worry about having costing to much cellular data to download this featured app? This top Productivity app is just 3.2M. what's far more important is that even this application is very small, it offers you rich user experience compare to other big application. 9Apps also provides other hot Productivity apps(games) for android mobile phone. Get this latest new app by click the download icon. ये आसानी से साबित हो सकता है की हमने ज़्यादा मोबाइल डाटा नहीं खर्च किया जब ऐप के साइज बड़े और बड़े हो गए. यह उच्च {category) का मोबाइल ऐप्स सिर्फ 3.2 एम् का है. छोटी होते हुए भी ये ऐप बेहतरीन यूज़र एक्सपीरियंस देती है. 9apps एंड्रायड मोबाइल फ़ोन के लिए अन्य हॉट / उच्च Productivity के मोबाइल ऐप्स भी प्रदान करता है.9Apps - एंड्राइड एप्स के प्रभंधन का सर्वोच्च तरीका.

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