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Toddle Video & Touch Lock

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ميديا وفيديو | 14.2MB | تحديث: 2018-05-28 | الإصدار: 1.1.5 | نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android4.0 or later

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There are hundreds of new apps released every week, 20,000+ users downloaded Toddle latest version on 9Apps for free every week! Many latest version apps provided on 9Apps too. This hot app was released on 2018-05-28. To know more information, read the paragraph below.
Toddle is a family-friendly video player for kids and toddlers that locks the touch screen and prevents the ability to touch or tap the screen so the child won't accidentally hit the home, back or the recent apps button. Once the touch screen is locked, your toddler or child can enjoy videos from their favorite media providers such as YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, etc, without the ability to tap or touch the screen.
The parent can double, triple, or quadruple tap the unlock icon to disable the lock on the screen. There is also an option to require a kid-proof PIN to unlock the screen and touch functionality for added security. Tap lock lets your kids watch videos without worrying about them accessing other apps or functions on your device.
Toddle comes with 4 ready-made profiles containing YouTube playlists related to age and gender. Profiles can also be created and customized freely, giving you the option to create your own playlists.
Tap-Lock that prevents kids from using any touch or tap functionality on the screen while the lock is applied.
Screen lock can be unlocked via double, triple, quadruple tap, or by setting a kid-proof PIN code to unlock the screen.
Notification bar icon that will lock the screen and all touch or tap inputs while video players like Netflix and Hulu are running.
Ready-made playlists for toddlers and young children, options for both boys and girls.
Videos pre-selected for kids and toddlers of all ages.
Choose from included kid and family-friendly videos or create your own YouTube playlists.
Link your YouTube account to add/create/edit your own playlists.
Included playlists include hundreds of kid favorite shows, songs, and videos.
Search feature to find your child/toddler's favorite Youtube videos.
Made for toddlers but works great for young kids as well.
Playback touch settings for older kids such as enable Play or Pause, or enable timeline controls.
How To Use:
- In Toddle App:
- Choose a profile (male, female, boy, or girl, toddlers or kids) and pre-selected kid friendly videos are displayed for you.
- Profiles available: Toddler - Boy, Toddler - Girl, Child - Boy, and Child - Girl.
- Or create your own profile and edit it's settings by giving it a custom image and name, and also give it settings for controlling playback controls.
- You can also link your own youtube account and add your own toddler or child's favorite videos.
- Use the search feature on the top to find your child/toddler's favorite youtube videos.
- When you choose a video to play for kids or toddlers, the lock icon will appear on the top right section of the screen.
- The kid/toddler proof lock screen is now applied and any touch or tap input will not function.
- In order to remove the touch lock from the screen, you can double-tap the lock icon on the top right of the screen.
- You can also change the double-tap to triple or quadruple tap on order to remove the kid/toddler lock on the screen.
- Change options like enable play/pause/skip/timeline and enable kid/toddler proof PIN lock in the profile page. Just click the settings icon next to the profile icon.
- Lock other apps:
- To lock the touch screen over other apps such as Netflix, use the status bar drop down icon before you play the video.
- The same lock applies over other apps that you see on the Toddle app.
- To remove the touch lock on the screen, you can double-tap the lock icon, just as you would via the Toddle app.
To Use with Netflix:
- The tap lock only works from the Netflix video page and at the very start of the video.
- Once you're at the show's page in the Netflix app, pull down the status bar icon and touch the lock icon.
- Then press play on the Netflix app and the screen lock will be applied while the Netflix video plays.
- When the child or toddler is done watching, remove the lock on the screen by double tapping the lock icon in the top right section of the screen.

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