Transit: Real-Time Transit App

Transit: Real-Time Transit App

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Two rapid-fire bug fix updates is the back-to-back Netflix special you didn’t know you wanted
- sometimes real-time wasn’t loading
- now it reloads so fast people accuse it of cheating in Counter-Strike
- “trip expired” error using GO in Nearby
- now trips never expire, like corner store hot dogs
PS: thanks for the whale GIFs you sent
PPS: CEO Sam is back from vacay... swap those whale GIFs for ones of Michael Scott
PPPS: Rate us 5 stars and we’ll actually have a plot to our next episode


اسم الملف: com.thetransitapp.droid.4.4.7.apk

تحديث: 2018-07-19

الإصدار: 4.4.7

حجم الملف: 11.3MB (11837047 bytes)

نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android4.1 or later

MD5: 488489d89c6968fb5c62a852a9f84b23

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