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الطب | 1.7MB | تحديث: 2017-08-03 | الإصدار: Release 1.0 | نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android2.1 or later

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This application lets you calculate your Body Mass Index, follow over time and compare to the reference recommended by the World Health Organization.
The measurement history is available as a chronological list, as well as a graphic, with settable start and end dates.
You can define multiple users, typically family members, individually registering their weight and height over time, calculating the BMI, and view them graphically.
The database can be exported as a file for backup, and imported back.
It is possible to manage multiple user groups using separate databases.
How to use:
- Enter your weight and height, click OK, you get your BMI and its WHO classification
- In the Preferences menu, select "Record data" to keep the history of your next measurements
- Before a new calculation, click the date displayed if you want to change it
- By clicking on the 'Chart' tab, you see a curve that represents either the weight or size or BMI, according to selected "View" radio button
- You can set the start and end dates of the chart by dragging the sliders "Since" and "Until"
- Returning to the 'Data' tab, the displayed history also reflects the adjustment of these sliders.
- To delete a measurement, long click it in the history and confirm the deletion.
- To track the measurements of multiple users, in the Preferences menu, check the "Group Mode" box and define a first user by typing its name.
- In the menu, choose "Add User" to add another person in the group if necessary. You can also change or delete a user.
- Once in Group mode, you can select the person from the dropdown list before recording a new measurement.
- You can also choose the person selected at application startup in the Preferences menu, Group Mode, initial user.
The Group and Individual modes are exclusive: data recorded in Individual mode is visible only in Individual mode, not in Group mode, and vice versa.
If the device has a step counter capability, the application records the steps count at a user defined period (from Preferences, default to 24h). In Individual mode, this count is diplayed in real time:
- last detected step time stamp
- number of steps and
- elapsed time since the last record
- mean daily steps count during this period
Clicking this real time display shows a steps counts history.Clicking one of those items shows details on this record since the last device reboot. Long click on an item deletes it. Yellow items are first records after a device reboot.
Long click on the real time display to record the current step count and start a new one.
The Chart tab displays the step counts history as well, using the same since/until policy.
The measures and usernames are stored in an internal SQLite database, named "imc" by default.
You can use multiple databases to manage multiple groups by selecting a different name in the Preferences menu: Database name.
To export / import this database to / from a file, use Database/ Export / Import in the menu.
Warning: when importing from a file, any existing data is deleted.
A link to the BMI Wikipedia reference page is available in the menu.
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