Карта желаний 2 (VisuaLife)

Карта желаний 2 (VisuaLife)

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أسلوب حياة | 30.0MB | تحديث: 2017-04-10 | الإصدار: 1.2.0 | نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android2.2 or later

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9Apps services for free Android apps. 20,000+ users downloaded Карта желаний 2 (VisuaLife) latest version on 9Apps for free every week! It has been a popular app for a long time. This hot app was released on 2017-04-10. Read the following paragraph to see more information.
WARNING: this app can really change your life for the better.
Best seller in AppStore - free for Android. New version of "Dreamboard" that will shake your world and your desires become reality.
Dream right! Even if you do not believe in the law of attraction is desired, in the visualization, the application "Dreamboard 2" or VisuaLife providing a great motivational tool, forming the right goals, prioritize. Look at your life from the outside and zoom desired.
This is a very feature rich application, but that is very easy and convenient to use.
Install the app, open the template, replace the characters on their own, enjoy the mini-game "Wheel of Fortune" and meditate on the symbols of your desires. Go for it! Right now! It is free for all, but there are phenomenal opportunities and pay. Without limitation, for all ages - no harm in dreaming, and very, very helpful.
The application has no analogues in the world both in functional and in theory, and we are very proud of.
For what and for whom this application:
- For those who want to improve themselves and their lives;
- To generate positive changes and start the desired law of attraction;
- For planning ideas, thoughts, upcoming goals and objectives;
- For creative professionals, designers and illustrators who want to get new ideas and inspiration;
- For entertainment, good rest and create your own mini-masterpieces;
Functional applications "Dreamboard 2":
- More than 450 vysokachestvennyh specially selected, characters desires are divided into categories with descriptions and search (the full list is available after you upgrade to the PRO version);
- 6 built-in templates to achieve the most popular goals + new templates in the new version;
- More than 50 badges, special characters which you can change the color layers;
- Create your own symbols based on photos from the gallery or pictures from the net, cutting in two modes;
- Unlimited number of templates from our loyal users;
- Daily symbol and motivating phrase from our active users - thank you friends;
- More than 500 ready-made affirmations, positive and motivational phrases and quotes of great people categorized with the search;
- Lots of opportunities for editing text, 16 beautiful built-in fonts, text on a curve (no analogues in the world);
- Lots of opportunities to manipulate objects: rotation, transformation, transfer to the back, lock, mirror, and so on. Etc.;
- More than 40 different background images;
- Preservation of the finished card desires in the form of images, and as a template for further editing;
- The publication of maps created on our website visualife.newmobapp.com/ru, password protection, Sharing in social networks, e-mailing;
- Mini-game "Wheel of Fortune";
- Animation mode symbols for meditation and relaxation with beautiful music.
* * * Dear users of the application * * *
If you have any problems with the installation, use, operation of the application on a specific device, then before you put a negative review, please write to us (volgarastraport@gmail.com) - will try to solve your problems.
Read the instructions, see the examples of maps, communicate in the comments on our site visualife.newmobapp.com/ru
Upgrade to the PRO version - only 3 days 50% discount in honor of the release of the application!
Be happy!
Big collection of hot android apps for phone and tablet. This top Lifestyle app is just 30.0M. What's more, it provides user-friendly interface. 9Apps also provides other hot Lifestyle apps(games) for android mobile phone. This app is free of charge!!!

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Огромное обновление:
1. Полностью изменен интерфейс. Новые иконки. Удобная панель слева для навигации по инструментам.
2. Добавлена новая мини игра "Облака". Собирайте свои символы и ваша карта станет более эффективной.
3. Значительно повышено быстродействие и отказоустойчивость приложения.
4. Добавлен стартовый туториал.
5. Изменено и улучшено стартовое окно с символом дня.
6. Изменена навигация и представление в символах и шаблонах наших пользователей.
7. Новое окно выбора цвета.

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