360 тур, музей А.Пушкина и П.Чайковского в Каменке

360 тур, музей А.Пушкина и П.Чайковского в Каменке

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Below there are 360 ​​virtual tour of the museum, AS Pushkin and PI Tchaikovsky in Kamenka, Cherkasy region. This virtual tour is presented in Russian. The tour was developed during 2005 and
presented in the form of spherical panoramas bulk filled, "tour guide" - Professional sound of foreground, background music (BGM license provided by the author A. Zakharenko Music by Origen - www.origenmusic.com.), static pictures, tour plan virtual transitions, c licensed software Spherical Panorama Inc. http://spherical-panorama.com. The technology used to create a virtual tour allows the viewer to be inside the image of the scene, rotate it in different directions at 360h360 degrees. By approximating or removing some or other aspects of the image, the viewer may navigate through a virtual tour through the immersion presence effect. Extraordinarily beautiful music will immerse themselves in the virtual space. On the software and materials registered a certificate of intellectual property SV number 10293 from 17.06.2004, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, State Department of Intellectual Property. Background music for the tour provided under license - the author Alekseem Zaharenko (Origen) Music by Origen - www.origenmusic.com
Modest, surrounded by chestnuts town of Kamenka. Emerald Necklace Tyasmyn gives it a unique beauty and comfort. City Kamenka was founded in the XVII century, and its name is associated with granite Tyasmin banks of the river, is lost in the vast gold grain fields. The history of the town is closely linked with the names of the heroes of World War II in 1812: NN Rajewski, AP Yermolov, DV Davydova. Here in the shady alleys of the Kamenka emerging movement of the Decembrists. Davydov here in the house, came to the PI secret meeting Pestel, S. Ants-Apostol, MP Bestuzhev- Rumin et al. Decembrists.
The great Russian poet AS Pushkin, who was exiled to the south of Russia the imperial government, during the 1820 - 1822's several times came to Kamenka. Here it is easy to breathe, "supervised the exiled poet," here he rested soul.
In 1865 in Kamenka to his beloved sister, AI Davydova, who was married to the son of the Decembrist LV Davidov, arrived PI Chaikovsky. Since then, for 28 years, he visited almost every year in the city on the banks of Tyasmyn.
City street section of the main part of the Decembrists' park on a small quiet corner where the manor so-called "green house", which was built by Davydov in the XIX century. In times of AS Pushkin's "green house" going to the revolutionary Decembrists stayed here AS Pushkin, and later lived PI Chaikovsky. House modest museum, but what you see and hear, crossed the threshold, will leave a lasting impression on all his life, and maybe you will want to come here again and again.
It is here, in this modest manor house, whose walls remember the inspired voice of Pushkin, the Decembrists' arguments, the enchanting sounds of music by Tchaikovsky, in 1937 a literary memorial museum was founded by the decision of the Ukrainian government, AS Pushkin. And in 1940, when the celebrated the 100th anniversary of the luminary of Russian music in the same house department was opened PI Tchaikovsky.
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