Я крокодила пред Тобою

Я крокодила пред Тобою

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The book is based on real events and is designed for a wide range of readers.
 This work was born into the world as a result of events occurring during the period from 2009 to 2014 in one of the small cities of Russia. Participants they were real people, so it is a work of fiction based on real events.
 The book talks about the other side of life in the Church, which, as a rule, remains behind the scenes. This rudeness, meanness, careerism, avarice, and many other evils, which sometimes man faces coming into the church, and that bitter sediment deposited in the depths of his soul, periodically reminding me of themselves.
 We used to read about the people in the church in rainbow colors and surprised when suddenly there are publications that open up a completely different world inside the church fence.
 We sometimes forget that the Church is holy, but not a person in it. He, overwhelmed with passions and vices, has yet to become one only, way of a lifetime. Easy narration of the author of the difficult life paths of heroes works opened to the reader a completely new genre - orthodox detective story, because in the book describes the features of the crime itself and the law, and the motives of this act, and punished for their actions.
 The author raises the themes of love and villainy, loyalty and betrayal, forgiveness and retribution, the search for meaning in life, a man of idealization, clothed in dignity, and frustration in it. On the pages of the book the author shows how great is our fear of man, but of God, the worship of the powerful, false shame and cynicism. As inner pain becomes the property of everyone and everything, and instead help and sympathy person gets contempt and hatred of their kind, we throw a stone in the back and shouted, "Crucify! Crucify him! "But we can see how close the Lord, hurrying to help us, if only we ourselves want this help and are willing to accept it.
 The main characters of the book with the hope of God's providence to overcome all the trials that the Lord has sent them on their way. This book is about strengthens the faith, which is metal, tempered in the crucible of struggle against sin and all-good solid trust in the mercy of the Lord. About the Providence of God, leading a wanderer on the earth to the heavenly Jerusalem. On recognition of each who he really is and who he has yet to become.
 Archpriest Evgeny Alexandrov.
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