Face Explorer – Aging Time Shuttle & Face Scanner

Face Explorer – Aging Time Shuttle & Face Scanner

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أسلوب حياة | 39.8MB | تحديث: 2019-11-01 | الإصدار: 1.3.9 | نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android4.4 or later

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There's no denying the fact that 20,000+ users downloaded Face Explorer – Aging Time Shuttle & Face Scanner latest version on 9Apps for free every week! In addition, the latest version of the app has updated a lot of features. This hot app was released on 2019-11-01. 9Apps believe you can enjoy yourself in this funny app.
Face Exporer is an professional zodic master and aging prediction camera. With our advanced features, you can get the detailed insights and predictions about face aging, palm reading, future baby, racial origin, daily fortune and mental health. Besides, you can predict what will happen everyday, and we will give proper suggestion for your love, health, career and wealth. Install our app and find more secrets about your future!
You can enjoy the following functions on Face Explorer:
Time Shuttle: Know what you will look like after 30 or 50 years;
Palm Analysis: Find the secrets of you love, life and wisdom according to your palm lines.
Future Baby:See what your future baby will look like.
♑Daily Fortune: Predict what will happen everyday and get suitable advice.
Exotic Beauty: See what you look like if you were born in another country.
Celeb Pairing: Find which figure you are most similar with.
Mental quizzes:Learn more about your personality and psychology.
Diverse Me: Test what facial features of other races you have.
Glamour Game: See who is prettier between you and your friends.
❤️Emotion Radar: Pleasant? Angry? Test how your real mood is.
✨More functions will be available soon!
Time Shuttle
After 30 or 50 years, are you a gracious elder favored by children because of your kind appearance? With our professional mathematical technique, our app will take you in the Time Shuttle and foresee your face after 30 or 50 years.
Palm Analysis
Have you ever think about the secrets on you hand? With advanced AI technology, we can help you find the mystery of yout palm lines and provide you with a detailed analysis report about your love, life and wisdom.
Future Baby
Baby is the most beautiful human treasure in the world. Are you also curious about your future baby appearance? Upload photos of you and your lover, let’s check out the result.
♑Daily Fortune
Analyzing your facial features to measure your glamour index, health index and so on, our app will provide you detailed report including suggestion and avoidance for career, wealth, health and love fortune.
Exotic Beauty
You can get to know what you look like if you were born in Greece, Egypt, Morocco, Ukraine, Turkey, Korea and other countries, with the help of our advanced face scanning and AI computing techniques.
Celeb Pairing 
“I look like some famous figure, but I can’t tell out who this figure is!” Celeb Pairing will tell you who he/she is and accurately analyze how much you look like the figure as long as you upload the close-up of your face.
Mental Quizzes
Do your personal characteristics meet your expectations? Our psychological quizzes allow you to learn about your real self through sets of questions, reflecting your personality, interpersonal communications, close relationships, etc.
Diverse Me
The White often have more stereoscopic facial features in comparison with the Yellow and vice versa. Wondering which ethnicity you are really from though you have facial characteristics that belong to different ethnicity? Click Diverse Me and see.
Glamour Game
You must once compare your appearance with your friends’. The Glamour Game will help you figure even more precisely out who is more beautiful and attractive---in scores---and compares different parts of your faces detailedly with your photos.
❤️Emotion Radar
Now, some people may pretend to be happy. But that’s not their real emotions. With Emotion Radar, we can detect your real emotion according to your slight facial expression. 
If you have any suggestion or problem, please feel free to contact us ilifeshow2019@gmail.com . We are ready to provide you a better experience with Face Explorer!

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