Фрукты.Большая Энциклопедия

Фрукты.Большая Энциклопедия

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We collected all the fruits of the world, so you can consolidate knowledge, and maybe learn something new. Sometimes we do not even know what kind of fruit lying on the counter market. Someone has to go to other countries with their great variety of food: berries, fruits, vegetables ... So allow yourself to learn more about plants and delicious fruits. Maybe you are interested in some kind of a special kind, and you might want to try not apply it to taste. You'll love the cut fruit to quench the taste of their loved ones.
This large fruit guide you can do a great assistant to teach the child new knowledge through interesting pictures and stories detailing the origin.
Do you know how many useful vitamins and minerals found in such ordinary orange? And how many useful properties is in apples? There are fruit - aphrodisiacs! About where you, too, will learn by downloading this amazing app.
Get the vitamins and minerals that are required by the body, is actually very simple. You do not need to run to the drugstore and buy a pricey vitamins do not need to run to the doctor and ask what are the best tabletochki take to become healthier. Remember, the pills you will never get the benefits that can be obtained from natural products, if it is, of course, is not about serious drugs under the same serious diseases. That is, if you need to get a complex of vitamins, so why not get it from the tasty and natural fruit ?!
Firstly, fruits provide our body daily supply of water as at the most, they are more than 80% consist of the liquid. Furthermore, secondly, in fruits contain dietary fiber, which has a substance and minerals can exert beneficial effects on our health, immunity, and the whole body. No fruit, hard to do today, and they are used in cooking is very, very often. They can be used as the main ingredient to a dish, or a subsidiary, as well as, often perform a decorative function, decorating cakes, salads and other dishes.
- Hazardous and useful properties of fruits and berries
- Educational games for children
- Great Encyclopedia of fruit (fruit and vegetables)
- Medicinal plants and trees
- Favorites and Bookmarks (. Please flag interesting articles asterisk fruit list will appear in the favorites.)
- Application in pictures with detailed descriptions and images
- Sort by family and genus plants
- Works without an internet connection
In Russian "fruit" - the term is not a botanical and home and hardware. The farm edible plants and edible parts of plants are divided into fruit, vegetables, nuts, grains, etc. According to the traditional classification, fruits -.. Juicy fruit trees (pear, plums), fruit - juicy fruit of herbaceous plants (strawberries) or shrubs ( raspberries, currants), vegetables - edible roots, stems and leaves of plants.
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