Z dive log ダイビングコンピュータZ1の管理と設定

Z dive log ダイビングコンピュータZ1の管理と設定

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الرياضة | 43.4MB | تحديث: 2019-07-08 | الإصدار: 1.0.0 | نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android4.2 or later

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I'm glad to tell you that 20,000+ users downloaded Z dive log latest version on 9Apps for free every week! The app is superior that can be used with any of the mobile type. This hot app was released on 2017-05-04. To read more information, you can go to 9Apps.
You can fun and easy configuration changes of diving log management and Z1 in the "Z dive log" and "diving computer Z1 of SCUBAPRO". The Z1 diving log data can be retrieved via Bluetooth, enter the diving point name and weather logs can be managed in a smartphone.
● of log capture
Automatically initiate a connection with application of log capture and the Bluetooth of Z dive log Z1 you have to tap the top right corner capture button of the app is set to "ON". If the capture button is not displayed, tap the "die blog" button at the bottom of the screen.
Captured log is a list of the log at the swipe is displayed on the large blog list can be checked.
The total number of times diving and total dive time in the die blog list screen, can be confirmed at a glance and maximum water depth and the maximum dive time, when you tap detailed log you can see each log.
● input of log
When you tap the log from the die blog list screen can be entered in the log, point and photos attached, tanks and Protective Suits, sea Iwan'ya Buddy instructor name, notes, etc., can be filled in the same way as paper log book, your own log book of can manage. Also, if you attach a photo is also displayed on the large blog list screen, you can enjoy a colorful log book.
● setting change of Z1
When you tap the "Z1 configuration changes" tab at the bottom of the screen will change the setting change screen of the Z1. Z1 basic settings and dive setting is changed screen, it is possible to set the clock alarm timer settings and date and time setting World Time, settings that have been changed in the app can be linked to the Z1.
First, tap the Connect button, tap the app top right corner of the screen capture button. Then press the Z1 PLAN button of the Z1 to Bluetooth mode starts the connection with the Z1 and the Bluetooth ON, reads the setting of the Z1.
Read after Change the items you wish to change because it is possible to set from the app in the app, app settings when you were writing button tap of the app Z1 to Bluetooth ON will be reflected in the Z1.
● app settings
Setting and recovery of log you accidentally delete changes and color scheme of the app is in the support screen, you can set the display items in the log.
App color scheme can choose blue, pink, from black, you can change the background color of the app.
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