Haunted Clouds

Haunted Clouds

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ألعاب الفيديو | 40.3MB | تحديث: 2019-09-03 | الإصدار: 0.1.5 | نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android4.1 or later

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The clouds need saving!!
1-Story mode :
The wicked witch has coursed the clouds and left them in an aggressive and horrifying state.
The clouds need your help in order to get back to their happy/peaceful life, and defeat the witch once and for all.
You can help diminish the damage caused by the witch by tapping on the clouds,and retrieving their normal state.
As you continue to redeem the clouds; the witch's power source will start to reduce, which is shown on a power bar, until it is vanquished. Making the witch very vulnerable until she eventually dies.
Every 10 levels that are successfully performed, the witch loses a quarter of its health.
You will encounter a boss at every 5th round which will help prevent the player in succeeding.
The boss can come in all shapes and sizes depending on the level you are in. Once the levels are defeated, the bosses will turn to your side and help retrieve the clouds by slowing them down.
On the other hand, the witch has also placed a variety of poisonous potions which will make the clouds move faster, hence making it harder to save them. The players lose the round if they are unable to save ALL the clouds. The game informs you at the top of the screen how many clouds you have left to win the level. When the witch is killed, it identifies that the story mode has ended.
2- Challenge mode :
The game also offers challenges where the sessions are much longer and harder to defeat. The challenges are arranged in the order of weaker to stronger elements. The element of the order will be the one which helps prevent you from winning. Once the challenge is won, you earn a medal made of the specific material you have defeated.
3-Survival mode :
A mode made for people who enjoy a daring gameplay. An infinite mode where every cloud redeemed gets you a point.
As the happy clouds were descending from the sky endlessly, they stumbled upon the haunted/evil clouds which took over them and stole the "Victory helmet", which was previously retrieved by the happy clouds in the battle against the witch's father. It appears that the witch is here to avenge her father's loss and take back the valuable helmet. Are you able to attain and beat your highscore!?
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- Bugs fixed
- improved gameplay
- size optimized
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