ShmalYalo the balls tamer. Cool swiper

ShmalYalo the balls tamer. Cool swiper

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ألعاب الفيديو | 10.9MB | تحديث: 2019-08-15 | الإصدار: 0.21 | نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android4.4 or later

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It can be said with certainty that 20,000+ users downloaded ShmalYalo latest version on 9Apps for free every week! This will give an informative for the other crazy players. This hot app was released on 2019-08-15. You can enjoy the most completed function of this app.
Crowds not trained balls regularly replenished with new recruits. Which of them will line up in rows of 9 you decide.
This is a swiper and requires precision movement and excellent motor skills.
Hone the accuracy of your swipe gesture , it is useful to scroll Instagram)
The throw is performed with a swipe of a finger (swipe) up at the selected angle, in which direction the figure will fly there.
The throw needs to be controlled , the sharper and faster , the deeper the figure will fly into the jungle , the accuracy is achieved by a neat long slow throw .
The thrown figure flies up , and stops if it rests against other balls or the upper part, when the side restrictions are reached, the direction changes to vertical movement along the wall until it stops.
If the line is full, it is 9 balls, such a line is clashed and all the lower balls are moved up one line.
If diagonally left-to-right or right-to-left typed in 9 ball and more such diagonal slams and the balls move from the bottom diagonally up left or up right.
There are two game modes infinite and levels-mazes. You can leave the playing field at any time with the hard back button.
Infinite mode task :
Initially, the playing field is empty . you need to throw pieces up tightly and put them to fill and to dump a complete horizontal or diagonal line. And try not to give the field is filled with balls. As the field is filled up to the throw zone , the game ends. You need to score as many points.
Maze mode challenge:
At the beginning of the game on the field is already placed level-a maze of a number of balls of distinctive color. You need to follow the principles of the game to reset all the original balls. Many labyrinths are made by a puzzle and they can be passed for some throws, or heavy force filling all around. If the maze is not reset and the pieces are filled to the throw zone , then this level is not passed. We need to beat him. For the first pass bonus points are awarded.
It begins with the figures of three balls , as you complete tasks ,and accumulates experience and coins .
For coins you can additionally help out :
- ability to rotate the figure before throwing
- return a failed throw
- market for getting the necessary figure during the game
- Playing with a figure of 4 balls

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A number of improvements aimed at stabilizing the updated version have been made
Save game results
New colored sheme
40 labyrinth

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